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A Response to the Reactive Manifesto

The Reactive Manifesto published by Typesafe is getting a great deal of attention in the Scala community.  A new version was posted yesterday and I could not help but reply with criticism that has been bothering me for some time.  The Reactive Manifesto appears to be a thinly veiled way to back into Akka being the cure for all ills.  I think this is an irresponsible message especially from a company like Typesafe that is guiding a great number of people that are just venturing into Scala.  One sure way to hurt the Scala community is to offer the advice that one should adhere to a reference architecture that is best applied for only a certain set of problems.  My comment/reply to the Manifesto appears below in its entirety.  I hope that, at a minimum, it stimulates some thought for those that were intending to jump into the Akka pool without fully understanding why. Jonas: I am the VP of Engineering at LeadiD a tech startup based in Ambler, PA. We are building out a large, compl