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Note to Self: All Feedback Is a Gift; and It's All Accurate

The "you" and "I" in the post are both me (yes, I'm talking to myself).   Note that, in this post, the term "feedback" denotes constructive criticism only.  I also exclude from consideration cases where the person giving the feedback is deliberately lying or where critical aspects of the feedback are built upon presumed facts that are demonstrably incorrect. Remember that: All feedback is a gift .  Imagine feedback to be a stated observation regarding a non-deterministic system that is essential for you to get anything done; but the system has no documentation, no source code, no unit tests and thus no ability to be upgraded.  In order to understand the system, all you can do is create a set of conditions, perform an operation using some input and observe the system's non-deterministic response.  Whenever you uncover problems in the system's behavior that you think will happen again, you devise workarounds.  But you don't always remember t