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Who Are You Growing?

Who are you growing?  It's important for leaders to ask themselves this question regularly.  And if the answer is "I'm not sure" it's time to get busy.  Building up your leadership bench is among the most important things you can do.  And you don't need to manage people to be a leader.  Are you a Tech Lead or someone that has a strong influence across your organization?  If so, you're a leader.  Read on. Leadership development isn't a luxury.  It's a necessary risk reduction technique for your business, one of the basic facets of succession planning.  For every leader in your organization (that includes VPs, Directors, Managers, Tech Leads, etc.) it's ideal to have someone that could step into their shoes (with support), ideally someone they have been grooming for some time.  Key leaders will depart the organization or move on to other roles.  They're in high demand and have no shortage of opportunities.  It's not a matter of *if*, it&#